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Payroll Outsourcing

Concept of Payroll System Outsource

Concept of Payroll System Outsource
We provide complete payroll packages specifically designed for individual companies, payroll processing, dashboard reporting and disaster recovery back-up. Cost effective payroll outsourcing options can be designed and implemented for a wide range of businesses, especially SMEs. This would allow some enterprises to save cost in time allocation as well as maintaining personnel and investing in software or hardware related items.

To The Company :

  • Zero startup investment in software which can be better utilized to increase the company competitive advantage
  • Reduce risk in software investment
  • Save cost in software maintenance and upgrades
  • Able to access and share technologies which are used by other companies
  • Confidentiality and security ensured as the system is located in a secure environment
  • Resources can be focus on the company core business

To The HR & Finance :

  • Reduce administration cost as the process work is shared with service provider
  • HR / Finance would be able to deliver more strategic and higher end services to the management and employees