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Company Profile

Company Profile
Gerard & Associates is a leading provider of Human Resource Solutions for Employers in the Johor Region, since 2008. Our specialised Resource Associates, backed by our Resource Centre, offer Companies Advisory Services in the following areas:

       • Management Advisory Services and Training.
       • Compensation and Benefits Advisory tailored to the business profile of individual Companies.
       • Assisting Organisations in Talent Acquisition and Retention.
       • Ensuring costly pitfalls are avoided through non-compliance of Employment Law and Industrial Relations

Our Key Result Areas:

• Cost: Reducing cost of doing business.

• Strategy: Transforming Human Resources into an efficient business partner.

• Operations: Improving Productivity.

• Risk Management: Avoiding costly pitfalls through non-compliance of Laws and Regulations relating to employment.

• Management Union: Providing Advisory Services for Industrial Harmony in unionised Enterprises.

• Employee Improvement: Organising and Delivering high quality specialised Training Programmes to enhance employee skills and productivity.