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Critical Skill For Supervisors

1 Day Progamme


Supervisors are a critical link in the Management chain. Organisational policies, procedures and discipline are communicated to employees and monitored by Supervisors. Therefore, it is critical that Supervisors possess the right skills to carry out their jobs effectively.


To provide Executives and Supervisors with a clear understanding of their role in the organisation and to impart the skills required to make them effective.


  1. The Role, Duties and Responsibility of a Supervisor
  2. Must have Values of Supervisors
  3. Planning Skills
  4. Leadership
    • Leadership Traits
    • Working and Leading under Pressure
    • Commitment by Resolve and Example
    • Motivating Subordinates
  5. Communicattion
    • The importance of communication in inter-personal relationships
    • Talking without Listening
    • Developing Communicating Skills
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Enhancing and Improving Relationships with Peers and Superiors


Presentation would be conducted in a lively and interactive manner.

Facilitator’s Profile

Gerard R. Sankar   view profile

Related Involvements

His related involvements include:

  • Employer Panel Member of the Industrial Court of Malaysia (3rd Term)
  • Employer Assessor in the SOCSO Appellate Board (2nd Term)
  • Elected State Committee Member of Federation Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM Johor) since 1991 and Vice-Chairman
  • Elected Chairman of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF Southern Region) since 1997